NetDebug Object

NetDebug Object Flash 6

aids in debugging a Flash Remoting application
 NetDebug.   methodName   (   params   ) 


trace( )

Sends output to the NetConnection Debugger panel.


The NetDebug object is the ActionScript object that powers the NetConnection Debugger panel, allowing a developer to view and trace output to and from the application server. The object is defined in the file, which is included automatically when is included. Its one public method, trace( ) , is also duplicated in the NetConnection object, but the NetDebug object contains many private methods that can be put to use by the enterprising Flash Remoting developer. Because ActionScript 1.0 is not a strict OOP language, the public and private methods are all defined in the same way and accessible to programmers.

Private methods include addNetConnection( ) , removeNetConnection( ) , sendDebug-Event( ) , sendCommand( ) , requestNewConfig( ) , updateConfig( ) , sendStatus( ) , onEvent( ) , onEventError( ) , onReceiveCommand( ) , onReceiveError( ) , and traceNetServices( ) .

See Also

NetConnection.trace( ) , the NetDebugConfig class; Chapter 13

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