CEDA Advantages

CEDA provides the following advantages:

  • CEDA runs transparently . The user can read a data set without knowing the native format of the file.

  • System performance is maximized because a read operation requires a single translation between native and non-native formats versus multiple translations from native format to transport format to native format.

  • No interim transport files are created.

  • CEDA eliminates the need to perform explicit steps in order to access the file.

  • CEDA does not require a dedicated server as is needed in SAS/SHARE or an explicit sign on as is needed in SAS/CONNECT.

  • The internal numeric representation provided by CEDA is more precise than that provided by the XPORT engine with PROC COPY. CEDA uses a one-step translation from the native format of the source operating environment to the native format of the target operating environment, whereas the XPORT engine uses a two-step transformation from a file's native format to the target operating environment format using a transport format.

Moving and Accessing SAS 9.1 Files
Moving And Accessing SAS 9.1 Files
ISBN: 1590472306
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Year: 2004
Pages: 109
Authors: SAS Institute

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