Results: STANDARD Procedure

Missing Values

By default, PROC STANDARD excludes missing values for the analysis variables from the standardization process, and the values remain missing in the output data set. When you specify the REPLACE option, the procedure replaces missing values with the variable s mean or the MEAN= value.

If the value of the WEIGHT variable or the FREQ variable is missing then the procedure does not use the observation to calculate the mean and the standard deviation. However, the observation is standardized.

Output Data Set

PROC STANDARD always creates an output data set that stores the standardized values in the VAR statement variables, regardless of whether you specify the OUT= option. The output data set contains all the input data set variables, including those not standardized. PROC STANDARD does not print the output data set. Use PROC PRINT, PROC REPORT, or another SAS reporting tool to print the output data set.

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