Saving people from drowning

Like many people, I love to go to the beach . Whether swimming or watching from the shore, I often marvel at the temperament of the sea. Every minute seems like another episode of life. For one second the sea can be calm and tranquil and then without notice a large wave comes roaring towards the shore. If you are swimming you need to contend with these surges and changes around you by staying afloat and being relaxed and confident in the water.

Similarly, when it comes to winning the knowledge game we need to be ready for the next wave of change that comes our way. On personal, team and business levels we need to constantly scan the horizon, ready to respond to what is happening around us. At times, you may feel a little out of your depth and swamped by the next wave but if you can remain calm, hopeful and alert you will live to fight another day.

In a twenty-first century business it is also easy to be drowned by information, by the sheer volume of directions and messages bombarding you. For example the US Department of Commerce now estimates that the Internet is doubling in size every seventy days. In business the message can be the same. At Xerox, for example, it is estimated that one of their computer databases alone currently holds in excess of 30 000 records of information.

Research at Northrop Grumman has shown that, even with the help of the World Wide Web, people are struggling to connect with those whom they need in order to do their job. Northrop Grumman estimate that, on average, knowledge workers can spend six weeks per year searching for experts to complete their work. IRN Services estimate that information professionals can spend up to fifteen hours per week searching for information on the Internet, with their searches only perceived as 44 per cent effective. This evidence shows that staying afloat in an information society is an immense challenge. It is interesting that, even with elaborate search engines and latest software and technology, people are struggling to stay informed and up to date. So, if any business or manager can help its people, customers and business partners to handle these stresses they will love you for it. This translates into creating business systems that are clear, user friendly and supportive. Decision- makers need to take every opportunity to assist their people to regenerate and consolidate. This is particularly the case in tough times, when it is very easy to feel a little wounded, fragile and burnt out. As when we are swimming in the ocean, we need to help people to stay afloat and enjoy the experience.

Winning the Knowledge Game. Smarter Learning for Business Excellence
Winning the Knowledge Game. Smarter Learning for Business Excellence
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