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Winning the Knowledge Game: Smarter Learning for Business Excellence provides practical advice on the strategies, tactics and systems you need to remain capable and agile in this rapidly changing business world.

To help you meet this challenge, Winning the Knowledge Game explores three questions:

  • How do you open the hearts and minds of people to smarter learning?
  • How do you grow competitive advantage?
  • How do you sustain and ensure lasting success?

All managers need to learn the skill of acquiring and putting knowledge to work if they are to be successful. Most of all they need to learn how to play the knowledge game every day of their life.

The book focuses on the thinking and attitudes required to remain knowledgeable, competitive and high performing.

About the Author

Alastair Rylatt is internationally acknowledged as an expert trainer, strategist and award-winning author in the fields of workplace learning, advanced training skills and change management. A frequent speaker at international conferences, he has worked as a consultant to over 200 organizations worldwide.

Winning the Knowledge Game. Smarter Learning for Business Excellence
Winning the Knowledge Game. Smarter Learning for Business Excellence
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Year: 2003
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