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winning the knowledge game: smarter learning for business excellence
Winning the Knowledge Game: Smarter Learning for Business Excellence
by Alastair Rylatt   ISBN:0750658096
Butterworth Heinemann © 2003

This book provides practical advice on the strategies, tactics, and systems needed to remain capable and agile in the rapidly changing business world.

Table of Contents
Winning the Knowledge Game”Smarter Learning for Business Excellence
Part One - Opening Hearts and Minds
Chapter 1 - Having a Winning Strategy
Chapter 2 - Building Trust and Support
Chapter 3 - Expanding Your Thinking
Chapter 4 - Faster, Deeper Learning
Chapter 5 - Holding Meaningful Conversations
Part Two - Growing Competitive Advantage
Chapter 6 - Creating a Smarter Business
Chapter 7 - Spreading a Knowledge-Sharing Virus
Chapter 8 - Riding the Waves of Change
Chapter 9 - Sustaining and Keeping Talent
Chapter 10 - Protecting Intellectual Property
Chapter 11 - Leveraging Digital Technology
Chapter 12 - Increasing Customer Loyalty
Chapter 13 - Polishing Your Training Performance
Part Three - Ensuring Lasting Success
Chapter 14 - Evaluating Your Results
Chapter 15 - Measuring Your Know-How
Chapter 16 - Passing the Final Test
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Winning the Knowledge Game. Smarter Learning for Business Excellence
Winning the Knowledge Game. Smarter Learning for Business Excellence
ISBN: 750658096
Year: 2003
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