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ObCheckObjectAccess function
object directory objects
object identifier file, NTFS
object IDs, NTFS 2nd
object manager
     access checks
     configuration manager, registry namespace, and
     device objects
     EPROCESS block
     executive objects [See also executive objects]
     explicit file I/O
     functions and type of objects
     initialization 2nd
     named pipes and mailslots
     namespace and device objects
     namespace and dynamic disks
     NTFS file system driver
     object handles and process handle tables
     object headers and bodies
     object methods
     object names
     object retention
     object security 2nd [See also object security]
     object structure
     resource accounting
     section objects
     session namespace
     tools for exploring database of
     type objects
     viewing handle tables with kernel debugger
     viewing namespace instancing
     viewing object headers and type objects
     WNet API
object reuse protection, C2 security rating and
object security [See also security]
     access checks
     object manager 2nd
     security descriptors and access control
     Windows and
object-oriented design, Windows
ObjectAttributes parameter
objects [See also object manager]
     disk device
    executive [See executive objects]
     executive process
     executive thread
     functions and types of
     handles 2nd
     headers and bodies
     kernel 2nd
     methods 2nd
     object directory
    security [See object security; security descriptors]
     signaled state
     stores and inheritance
     Windows and
     WMI managed 2nd
ObOpenObjectByName function
ObpCreateHandle function
ObpIncrementHandleCount function
OEM Support Tools 2nd
Oh.exe tool
     viewing memory resource notification events
     viewing open handles using
on-demand symbol server
Online Crash Analysis (OCA) 2nd 3rd 4th
open method, executive object
Open Software Foundation (The Open Group)
OpenEncryptedFileRaw function
OpenFileMapping function
Openfiles /query command, viewing open handles using
OpenProcess function
OpenSCManager function 2nd
operating system model, Windows
operations, interlocked 2nd
oplocks (opportunistic locking)
optimization, performance [See performance]
optimizers, memory
Orange Book
OS/2 subsystem
OSI (Open Systems Interconnection ) reference model
OSTA (Optical Storage Technology)
overrun detection, Driver Verifier

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