What You ve Learned

What You've Learned

  • With the Ken Burns Effect and adjustments to slide durations, a slide show in iPhoto can be an exceptionally dynamic presentation.

  • You'll get the most impressive effects with the Ken Burns Effect if you use shifts that are small (either zooming in or out just a little, or panning left or right just a little).

  • You can access your iPhoto albums from within iMovie.

  • Add motion to still photos using the Ken Burns Effect in iMovie just as in iPhoto: Set the start and end points of the move, select a duration, and apply them to each photo.

  • Change the arrangement of your workspace using Clip view and Time line view.

  • Drag shots around the workspace in either Clip or Timeline view to reorder them.

  • To delete a shot, select it and press Delete.

  • You can change an existing shot through the Photo window by making adjustments and selecting Update.

  • You can access iTunes and drag songs to your timeline from within iMovie.

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