Lesson5.Printing and Sharing Your Photos

Lesson 5. Printing and Sharing Your Photos

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iPhoto, color printer (optional), .Mac account (optional)


Approximately 45 minutes


Print photos from iPhoto

Make a book using iPhoto's connection to high-quality publication services

Create a quick and easy slide show of photos with music

Importing and organizing collections are important, but the value of a good collection is being able to share it with other people. Thanks to all of the resources at hand today, you have many ways you can do that. Back in the old days, you'd hand a visitor a thick stack of pictures to flip through. Or you'd reproduce a few special shots from negatives and mail them to family. Or an unsuspecting guest sat down on a sofa and was handed a tome of family adventures to view and examine mindfully, page after page. Moving photos into the digital domain still allows for each of these methods, but it also adds considerable flexibility for creativity and ingenuity.

In this lesson, you'll examine three methods our subjects chose to share the fruits of their digital labor. Because Charlie is in a relatively low-tech environment at school (no projectors, no DVD players, few computers), he will print glossy-paper copies for cutting and pasting on posterboard. Jennifer's project is part of her business operations and will be printed as a high-quality book for her discerning audience. And Christopher, to have some fun himself while entertaining his daughter and her pals, will make a quick slide show to display on his Mac during the birthday party.

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