What You ve Learned

What You've Learned

  • Keep all your media in the appropriate folders (Movies, Music, and Photos) in your Home folder. This makes accessing content from the Media Browser in iDVD easy.

  • Use the Customize button to reveal a selection of menu templates.

  • Drag and drop menu elements as each template indicates. Drag and drop content from the Media Browser onto the blank portions of the template; that prepares the content to be added to the disc.

  • Personalize templates using the Settings buttonin particular, change DVD button styles and position, background music, and fonts.

  • Use the Show TV Safe Area feature to make sure the DVD will look good on a TV set, and to make sure you don't cut off words on menus.

  • Use Map view to review the structure of your disc, and, if you want, to add an opening movie to the autoplay well.

  • Preview your DVD before burning to make sure the user's experience matches your expectations.

  • Burn your DVD when you're ready; iDVD will coach you through recording the disc.

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