Play a Playlist and Adjust Song Order

Whenever you select a playlist, iTunes will display some key information at the bottom of the screen: how many songs are in the list, how long it takes to play the entire list straight through, and (in case you care) how many bytes of data it represents. (This last bit of info is most useful when you want to burn the songs in a playlist to a CD.)

Playing the playlist is much like playing a CD. Choose a song and click Play (or just double-click the song), and the rest of the songs follow in the order in which they appear in the playlist.

Random Play

Sometimes you want to be surprised by a song. Particularly with large playlists (or your library), you just want iTunes to choose a song for you and play it. The Shuffle button at the bottom of the Source column handles this for you.


Select a playlist to play.


Click the Shuffle button.

It will turn blue when it's shuffling your music.

Clicking Shuffle will reorder the songs in your playlist (temporarily and randomly). If you don't like the new order, click the Shuffle button again, and iTunes will restore the sequence of songs. You can always try again.

Changing Order

But what if you don't like random playing, and you don't like the order in which you've dropped songs into your playlist? It's simple to change the order of your playlist in a more permanent way.


Drag a song within the playlist.

Notice the black line that indicates where the song will go if you release the mouse button.


Release when the song is where you want it.

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