Ensuring Extension Compatibility

Each extension is designed to work with a particular version of Firefox or a range of versions. Firefox prevents you from installing an extension that is incompatible with your current version of Firefox. However, you can save yourself some trouble by ensuring an extension's compatibility before you try installing it. Mozilla Update provides an extension's compatibility information below its Install link in the form of a range of Firefox versions that it supports (for example, Firefox 1.0-1.5). Simply make sure that your version of Firefox, which is displayed in the About Mozilla Firefox window (Helpimage from book About Mozilla Firefox), falls within the listed range.

Whenever you update Firefox to a new version, it checks to make sure that your installed extensions remain compatible. If it finds any that aren't, Firefox notifies you and disables the incompatible extensions until their developers release updated versions. Firefox checks for updates about once a day, but you can check manually at any time, as I explain in "Updating Extensions," later in this chapter.

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