Reading Light and Flashlight

A small lamp can provide extra light for your laptop's keyboard and screen in places where it's otherwise too dark to work, like a darkened airplane or conference hall. Some new laptops come with a built-in work light, but if yours does not, you can use a worklight that takes power from the computer's USB connector.

Most of these lights use low-power LEDs that don't draw a lot of power from the computer's battery; one maker, Kensington, claims that their version uses only about 90 seconds of battery charge per hour. The light is mounted on a flexible shaft that you can place exactly where you need it.

In addition to the USB light, you might also want to carry a small flashlight in your computer bag to cast light on the back and sides of the computer when you're connecting cables and USB accessories, and for finding things inside the computer bag. The tiny lights that are common giveaways at trade shows, like the ones shown in Figure 25.1, are ideal for this kind of use. If you can't find a freebie, look for a small flashlight at a hardware store or office supplies retailer.

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Figure 25.1: A small, LED-base flashlight can be a useful accessory for your laptop computer.

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