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The lessons all include a summary at the end. If you already know a bit of ActionScript, you can use these summaries to determine whether the lesson is critical for you. Otherwise, the summary is a great way to review what you have learned.

After the summary comes a set of questions and answers. These cover some questions that you may have after reading the lesson. Usually, the questions and answers take what you have learned to the next level by giving you ideas about how to expand on what you have learned.

Each lesson also includes a workshop. This is a set of four questions that test your knowledge of what you just read. I usually take this opportunity to make sure that you understand key points. Missing one of the quiz questions means that you should probably go back and review that part of the lesson. Otherwise, you may find that you don't know all you need to know to use that concept in that lesson.

Inside each lesson are tips, notes, cautions , and coffee breaks. A tip is a suggestion that will save you time and effort, or give you an idea about how to use what you have learned. A note is a piece of information that gives you a little more insight into a concept. A caution explains a typical pitfall that people fall into when first using the technique. A coffee break is an aside that gives you an interesting, but unimportant, piece of information about the topic.

Almost all the lessons in this book provide one or more tasks. You can follow along with the step-by-step instructions to use what you have learned to build a Flash movie. If you feel you understand the concept completely, you can simply follow along with the tasks . If you want to really reinforce what you have learned, you should do each step of the task.

Each task results in a Flash movie. You can find these movies on the book's CD-ROM. Each lesson has its own folder. The names of all example movies are mentioned in the book, but you can also usually find them by matching the concept with the file name .

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