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This refers to Change Directory, and is used to change the current folder. When directions for another command say, "navigate to the xxx folder," this is the command that you would use to do that.


When narrowing down to a subfolder within the current folder, type CD, followed by the subfolder name. For example, if the current folder is C:\WINDOWS, and you want to navigate to C:\WINDOWS\DESKTOP, type:

CD Desktop

To change the current folder to a root level (a drive letter without any additional folders) (e.g., C:\Documents and Settings to C:), make sure to enter the backslash (\) after the drive letter. For example, if the prompt says C:\Documents and Settings> and you want to navigate to the C drive, enter:

CD C:\.


.. : This navigates to the higher level folder. For example, if the current folder is C:\Documents and Settings\All Users, running CD with this switch will take you to C:\Documents and Settings. Note that there is a space before the two periods.

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