Documents and Document System Requirements

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These two documents are available in two file formats: .doc, which can be opened by Microsoft Word, Microsoft Wordpad (Start > Programs (or All Programs) > Accessories > Wordpad), and many other word processing programs; and in PDF format, which can be opened by Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Reader. (The reader is available free from

Beep Codes

 Beep Codes.doc,  Beep Codes.pdf,  Beep Codes.htm

Industry Contacts

 Industry Contacts.doc,  Industry Contacts.pdf,  Industry Contacts.htm

Sample Material

Sample Chapter and Questions, A+ Adaptive Exams (TestTaker's Guide Series by Christopher A. Crayton)—AplusC.pdf. This document can be opened in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader only.


The README document is in .rtf, text, and .pdf formats. The text version (readme.txt) will open automatically in Microsoft Notepad. Any text editor or word processing program can open it. It can even be viewed by using the Type or More commands (see Appendix C, "Command-Line Tutorial," for instructions). The RTF file (readme.rtf) can be viewed in any word processing program, including Wordpad. The .pdf file can be opened in Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader. All of these documents are viewable on any PC with any of the aforementioned programs.

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