Organization of This Book

This book should be read in linear style from start to end. You should not need a map. But just in case you wander off the path, we've embedded some wayfinding devices. Each page has a number. Each chapter has a name. There's an alphabetical index and a hierarchical table of contents. And, if that's not enough, here's a brief topical guide:

Preface (You Are Here!)

Identifies the scope, purpose, organization, conventions, and target audiences. Tells you how to contact the author and publisher. Includes an introduction and acknowledgments.

Chapter 1, Lost and Found

Explains findability and findable objects with definitions, examples, and stories. Explores the value and values of ambient findability. Keywords: Treo, GPS, RFID, Long Tail.

Chapter 2, A Brief History of Wayfinding

Connects animal and human navigation in natural and built environments to transmedia wayfinding in the 21st century. Keywords: Turtles, Labyrinths, Maps, Myst, Metaphor.

Chapter 3, Information Interaction

Exposes the long now of information-seeking behavior through the hard lens of evolutionary psychology. Keywords: Power Laws, Relevance, False Drops, Gossip.

Chapter 4, Intertwingled

Explores findability, findable objects, and wayfinding at the wavefront of ubiquitous computing and corporal convergence. Keywords: Ingestibles, Everyware, Privacy.

Chapter 5, Push and Pull

Describes how findability and the Web are transforming the marketplace and reshaping the rules of marketing. Keywords: Bananas, Spam, Search Costs, Personalization.

Chapter 6, The Sociosemantic Web

Bridges the gap between social software and the Semantic Web by placing ontologies, taxonomies, and folksonomies into context. Keywords: Tags, Popularity, Authority.

Chapter 7, Inspired Decisions

Concludes with a safari through the tangled hierarchies of artificial intelligence, irrational decision making, and human behavior. Keywords: Mazes, Memory, Neocortex, Colour.

Ambient Findability
Ambient Findability: What We Find Changes Who We Become
ISBN: 0596007655
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 87
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