Chapter 8. Customizing User and System Settings

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Linux and Unix operating systems have a history of being difficult to configure for online use. Users must often understand the complexities of TCP/IP to correctly set up their devices. Mac OS X puts a clean, user-friendly interface on network setup and enables the user to get online without ever seeing a command line.

This chapter covered the Mac OS X network configuration utilities and how they can be used to create a connection through modem, ethernet, and wireless interfaces. Macintosh users are accustomed to quickly and easily finding and connecting to network resources. Although the interface has changed, the process is just as easy as it has always been.

In addition to network setup, we covered enabling sharing your internet connection through the Sharing preferences pane and protecting your information with Apple's firewall. Macintosh networking has never had a more solid and stable base than it does in Mac OS X.

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