Storing Contact Information: Address Book

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Chapter 2. Useful Tiger Applications and Utilities


  • Storing Contact Information: Address Book

  • Creating Calendars, Events, and To Do Lists: iCal

  • Basic Image and PDF Manipulation: Preview

  • Multimedia Playback: QuickTime 7

  • Storing and Managing Sensitive Information: Keychain Access

  • Synchronizing Information Between Devices: iSync

  • Running Legacy Mac OS Applications: Classic

  • Other Tools and Utilities

Tiger comes with dozens of utilities and applications many of which can be easily cataloged, such as the Internet and scripting tools discussed in the upcoming chapters. Many applications, however, can't easily be assigned a category. This chapter covers the Tiger applications and utilities that you're likely to use regularly. If you're a big fan of Stickies, sorry; it gets an honorable mention, but we have to draw the line somewhere!

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