The AddComputer.vbs script creates a computer rule element in the ISA Server Network Object Toolbox. When creating a computer rule element, some values are required: a name of the object and an IP address. The description is optional, but it can be a good idea to type in a comment describing the role of the computer.


For more information on the Windows Script SDK, you can download the Windows Script 5.6 Documentation from

 '==================================================================== ' ' PURPOSE: Add a Computer Element to ISA Server 2004 ' ' NAME: AddComputer.vbs ' ' RUN: cscript AddComputer.vbs <ComputerName> <IP Address> [Description] ' ' WHERE: Run on an ISA Server 2004, Local on Server ' ' COMMENT: This script was written by Jesper Hanno Hansen. ' ' VERSION: 1.0 '==================================================================== ' Create an arguments Object to get the parameters from the input Dim objArguments Set objArguments = WScript.Arguments ' Count the input parameters, if less than 2, show help If objArguments.Count < 2 Then     ShowHelp Else     ' There were more than 2 parameters, set the first to the     ' Computername and the second to the IPAddress.     Dim strComputer     strComputer = WScript.Arguments(0)     Dim strIPAddress     strIPAddress = WScript.Arguments(1)     ' Set the remaining input as the description     Dim strDescription     For i = 2 To objArguments.Count -1         strDescription = strDescription & " " & objArguments(i)     Next     ' Trim the description to remove the last space     strDescription = Trim(strDescription) End If ' Show information on the Computer element that will be created WScript.Echo "Creating a new Computer element with the following information" WScript.Echo "" WScript.Echo "Computer Name: " & strComputer WScript.Echo "IP Address: " & strIPAddress WScript.Echo "Description: " & strDescription ' Calling the Sub to create a new computer element DoCreateComputer strComputer, strIPAddress, strDescription Sub DoCreateComputer(ComputerName,ComputerIPAddress,ComputerDescription)    ' Enabling Error handling    On Error Resume Next    ' Create an objRoot Object to ISA Server 2004    Dim objRoot    Set objRoot = CreateObject("FPC.Root")    CheckError    ' Create an FPCArray Object to retrieve the current ISA Array    Dim objFPCArray    Set objFPCArray = objRoot.GetContainingArray    CheckError    ' Create an FPCRuleElements Object to get access to FPCComputers    Dim objFPCRuleElements    Set objFPCRuleElements = objFPCArray.RuleElements    CheckError    ' Create an FPCComputers Object to get access to FPCComputer    Dim objFPCComputers    Set objFPCComputers = objFPCRuleElements.Computers    CheckError    ' Trying to retrieve the computer from the Computer elements.    ' If retrieval of the computer succeeds, the computer element    ' already exists and the script should not do anything with it.    Dim objComputerExists    Set objComputerExists = objFPCComputers.Item(ComputerName)    ' If the error code is 0 = Success, then there is a computer with the    ' same name.    If Err.Number = 0 Then         WScript.Echo "The Computer Element " & ComputerName & _                      " exist, stopping here"         WScript.Quit    Else         Err.Clear    End If    ' Using the Add method from the FPCComputer object    ' The Add method requires 2 input parameters    ' Name and IPAddress as strings    Dim objFPCComputer    Set objFPCComputer = objFPCComputers.Add(ComputerName, ComputerIPAddress)    CheckError    ' Check if the ComputerDescription is empty, if not we should add    ' the description to the computer element.    If ComputerDescription <> "" Then          objFPCComputer.Description = ComputerDescription          CheckError    End If    ' Show information that the script is going to save the new computer    ' element, and checking for any error.    WScript.Echo "Saving Computer element"    objFPCComputers.Save    CheckError    WScript.Echo "Computer element successfully saved" End Sub ' Used to check if the script is in an error state, if true quit Sub CheckError    If Err.Number <> 0 Then          WScript.Echo ""          WScript.Echo "Error Number      : " & "0x" & Hex(Err.Number)          WScript.Echo "Error Description : " & Err.Description          WScript.Quit    End If End Sub ' Used to show help on the screen, if input parameters is less ' than 2 Sub ShowHelp    WScript.Echo "Please use cscript AddComputer.vbs <ComputerName>" & _    " <IP Address> [Description]"    WScript.Echo "For Example:"    WScript.Echo ""    WScript.Echo "Cscript AddComputer.vbs Server01.domain.local" & _    " FTP Server"    WScript.Echo ""    WScript.Echo "Where Computername and IP Address is required"    WScript.Echo "and Description is optional."    WScript.Quit End Sub 

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