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creating a web site with flash Visual QuickProject Guide
By David Morris
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Pub Date: March 21, 2005
ISBN: 0-321-32125-1
Pages: 160

Table of Contents  | Index

      what you'll create
      how this book works
      companion web site
      explore flash
      the next step
      extra bits
    Chapter 1.  prepare your site files
      define folder structure
      create your site file
      set canvas properties
      save your file
      save your color scheme
      extra bits
    Chapter 2.  design the layout of your stage
      set up guides
      draw background
      add linear gradient
      edit linear gradient
      create radial gradients
      reusable graphics
      edit a symbol
      organize with layers
      move between layers
      import vector art
      organize symbols
      transform objects
      import bitmap image
      add masking layer
      extra bits
    Chapter 3.  add and style text
      add a single line of text
      fixed-width text
      change a text box
      add an e-mail link
      add graphic text
    Chapter 4.  use the timeline to organize your site
      create the home page
      add frames
      insert keyframes
      add frame labels
      control the timeline
      extra bits
    Chapter 5.  add animation to your web site
      create a motion
      play animation in flash
      complex animation
      copy and paste frames
      add timeline effects
      move animations
      pause an animation
      preview your movie
      control movie clips
      add a transition effect
      add a transition effect
      add a transition effect
      extra bits
    Chapter 6.  build a navigation system
      create buttons
      preview button actions
      animate a button state
      add button sound
      duplicate buttons
      layout buttons
      add sections to the site
      add actionscript
      alter button behavior
      extra bits
    Chapter 7.  add inside sections of the web site
      build separate movies
      create scrolling text
      load external movies
      load external text
      link to external pages
      slide show controls
      add progress bar
      extra bits
    Chapter 8.  publish your web site
      swf settings
      optimize file sizes
      create a preloader
      html settings
      collect files for upload
      collect files for upload

Creating a Web Site with Flash. Visual QuickProject Guide
Creating a Web Site with Flash: Visual QuickProject Guide
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