Chapter 16. Fixing Common Problems

Sometimes the simplest fixes help set straight a PC that's in the dumps. Before spending too much time troubleshooting, try restarting your PC (Start Turn Off Computer Restart). Occasionally that little kick in the pants is all your PC needs to clear its head. But when that nudge doesnt work, the fixes in this chapter will help you through the most common PC problems, including retrieving mistakenly deleted files, zapping frozen programs off the screen, and helping you log back into your Windows user account when you've lost your password. On the hardware side, this chapter walks you through tracking down and installing a new driver, a fairly reliable cure for the majority of your PC's hardware problems.

PCs: The Missing Manual
ISBN: 0596100930
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 206
Authors: Andy Rathbone

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