It Works Like This

To see what you'll design with this project, check out the file in this chapter's folder in the book's DVD. In this chapter, you'll create a promo for an electronic exposition at a local convention center. In the process, you'll do the following:

  1. Unscramble text using the Character Offset animator to reveal the title.

  2. Animate text in 3D space to bring the text in, rotate it, and send it out of the scene.

  3. Add a provided background movie and apply a Box Blur effect to it.

  4. Create an atmospheric multicolored ghosting effect behind the text.

The first layer of scrambling text comes in from above.

The first word unscrambles while the next word scrambles in.

After all four words unscramble, the layers rotate and separate in space.

    Adobe After Effects 6.5 Magic
    Adobe After Effects 6.5 Magic
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    EAN: 2147483647
    Year: 2005
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