Getting the Big Picture

The animation that opens this project's final movie starts with a close-up view of a still image, which then moves away from the viewer on a zigzag path. In this section, you'll create those results by animating a still image's scale and position. You'll animate two other stills by assigning the animated still as their parent:


At time 0;00, place Img_14bigSketch2.psd into the Master Timeline under the Img_14bigSketch1 layer, and then place Img_14bigSketch3.psd under the Img_14bigSketch2 layer.

Adding the Sketch layers to the Master composition


Set the Parent value of the Img_14bigSketch2 and Img_14bigSketch3 layers to Img_14bigSketch1 in the Timeline's Parent column.


Add a 50, 50% Scale keyframe to the Img_14bigSketch1 layer as well as a Position keyframe with values 500, 220.


Go to time 4;00, and change the layer's Position to 360, 240.


Go to time 6;15, and change the layer's Scale to 12, 12%.

Because you're using parenting, you can modify the animation of all three layers by adjusting the keyframes of a single layer: the Parent layer.

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