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You can use the following techniques to add the titles and exercise your new skills in syncing audio:

  • To add color to the background, create a solid with a color of your choosing, and then use the Convert Audio to Keyframes command and expressions to animate the solid's color in sync with the music.

  • Use the new After Effects text-animation presets to animate the phone number and Web site address into the scene. If you haven't already explored Chapter 11, "Raining Slogans," check it out; it shows you how to work with several different text-animation presets.

  • Open recordingBox Comp 1 (created when you imported the file), and set the BOX layer's Track Matte to Alpha Inverted Matte "RECORDING" to make the text cut out the box so the viewer sees the background in the letters. Create a Track Matte for the recordingBox comp by creating a new composition that contains multiple copies of the Sonic Promo composition laid out horizontally. Animate the Opacity of the layers sequentially from the rightmost layer to the left.

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    Adobe After Effects 6.5 Magic
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