What This Book Doesn t Cover

What This Book Doesn't Cover

This book is in no way a rehash of the supplied documentation but is meant to be used in conjunction with it. You will only find a small percentage of the information that is covered in the online documentation in this book and vice versa, so it is very important for you to use the .NET Framework SDK documentation as well.

I chose this approach to writing a book for one simple reason: I assume that as an advanced developer you don't have too much time to waste going through a 1,000-page book of which 600 pages are a reproduction of the online documentation. Instead, you want to read the information that has not been covered before. If you think so as well, this book is right for you.

Advanced  .NET Remoting C# Edition
Advanced .NET Remoting (C# Edition)
ISBN: 1590590252
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2002
Pages: 91
Authors: Ingo Rammer

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