Chapter 7: Inside the Framework


As I stated in the introduction to this book, .NET provides an unprecedented extensibility for the remoting framework. The layered architecture of the .NET Remoting Framework can be customized by either completely replacing the existing functionality of a given tier or chaining new implementation with the baseline .NET features.

Before working on the framework and its extensibility, I really encourage you to get a thorough understanding of the existing layers and their inner workings in this architecture. This chapter will give you that information. But be forewarned: This chapter contains some heavy stuff. It shows you how .NET Remoting really works. Some of the underlying concepts are quite abstract, but you don't necessarily need to know them if you just want to use .NET Remoting. If you want to understand or extend it, however, the information contained in this chapter is vital.

If you're only interested in the use of additional sinks, you'll find information pertaining to that topic in Chapter 8.

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