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Here we begin to customize the table appearance and populate it with text and graphics.

Here you will begin to see the unique approach we're taking for the calendar. The idea behind this approach is that each month you will have different numbers of events throughout the month. Rather than having a traditional calendar layout with 28-31 square which would either require more space or smaller cells, you can have a few larger cells in which you can add or delete content as needed that month.

Press - once or twice until the table is selected.

In the Inspector window click the Graphic Inspector button.

That looks great, but lets make the month name all capital letters.

Choose Format > Font > Capitalization > All Caps.

Now select Format > Advanced > Define as Placeholder Text for easy updating when you use the template to publish the newsletter each month.

Next we'll add placeholder text for the event name.

Click in the left cell of the next row to place the insertion point.

In the Inspector, click the Text Inspector button.

Copy the text to the clipboard (-).

Click in the middle cell of the next row to place the insertion point.

Paste the text in other random cells in the table as shown here.

Randomly alternate between top and bottom alignment.

Click on the page, outside the table, to remove the insertion point so that an inserted object is fixed on the page.

Click the Objects icon in the toolbar and choose Text.

Apply the style Calendar Date.

Select the text and define it as placeholder text (-).

Select the text box (-).

Click the Colors icon in the toolbar.

In the Inspector window click the Wrap Inspector button.

Choose Edit > Duplicate (-) to make a copy of the text box.

Repeat the process in other cells alternating positions as I've done here.

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    Creating Pages with iWork. Visual QuickProject Guide
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