Navigating Within GroupWise

As you work with GroupWise, you will discover that you can accomplish individual tasks in many different ways. In this book, we try to consistently explain the easiest steps to follow. Like other Windows-based applications, the GroupWise client contains pull-down menus; scrollbars; and minimize, maximize, and close buttons consistent with accepted Windows conventions.

You can click any corner of the GroupWise interface and drag it to a new position on the screen to resize the main GroupWise screen. You can also click and drag the dividing bar between different panes of the main screen to resize the panes. Likewise, you can click and drag messages from the items area to the folders in the Cabinet or other system folders.

In many situations, you can use alternative methods to execute the menu commands. For example, to compose a mail message, you can choose File, New, Mail. Alternatively, you can simply click the New Mail button on the Toolbar, or you can press Ctrl+M.

Several GroupWise features can help you navigate within GroupWise more quickly and efficiently. These features include the Toolbar, keystroke shortcuts, QuickMenus, and QuickViewer.


Throughout this book, you will find instructions explaining how to accomplish various tasks. Many of these tasks work off the main menu. If the main menu is hidden, the instructions may be confusing. Showing the main menu is as simple as clicking the far right icon in the Nav bar to toggle it on.

The Toolbar

The Toolbar, shown in Figure 1.7, is the row of buttons under the menu bar in the main GroupWise screen. You can use the buttons on the Toolbar as shortcuts to activate options that otherwise appear under the pull-down menus. Using the Toolbar, you can quickly access the GroupWise features you use most often. Editing functions (such as Cut, Copy, and Paste), Spell Check, and Online Help are examples of buttons you can add to the Toolbar, saving you the trouble of selecting these options from the menus. You can use the Toolbar in message views as well as in the main GroupWise screen. (In Chapter 11, we explain how to customize the Toolbar.)

Figure 1.7. The Toolbar provides quick access to the most commonly used GroupWise functions.

Keystroke Shortcuts

Many of the options in the pull-down menus can also be accessed by keystroke sequences, allowing you to efficiently perform GroupWise tasks without reaching for the mouse. For example, you can compose a new message by choosing the New, Mail option from the File pull-down menu, or you can simply press Ctrl+M to achieve the same result. Not all functions have keystroke shortcuts, however. If a pull-down menu command has a keystroke shortcut, it is listed next to the function in the pull-down menu. A comprehensive list is available in Online Help. Look under the Index for "Keys."


QuickMenus, shown in Figure 1.8, is a GroupWise feature that adds functionality to the right mouse button. When you are accessing different areas of the interface, right-clicking the mouse button displays a short menu of actions that is relevant to the item or area you are clicking.

Figure 1.8. QuickMenus provides context-sensitive shortcut menus for common GroupWise functions.

Remember if you ever are unsure how or what you can do to a particular item, just start right-clicking to open a list of available options. This is a great way to become familiar with what actions you can take in GroupWise as well.


GroupWise WebAccess supports context-sensitive QuickMenus through the right-click functionality as well.


By enabling the GroupWise QuickViewer, you can read messages and view their attachments without double-clicking these items. You can place the GroupWise QuickViewer across the bottom or on the right side of the screen. Placing the QuickViewer on the right side of the screen allows for more content to be displayed in it. Figure 1.9 shows the QuickViewer being displayed on the right side of the screen. When you select a message in the items area, the main GroupWise screen's QuickViewer pane displays the message contents automatically.

Figure 1.9. The QuickViewer provides an instant view of message contents.

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