Date Time Options

The Date & Time icon in the Options dialog box opens the Date Time Options dialog box, shown in Figure 11.16. This dialog box contains three option categories: Calendar, Busy Search, and Format.

Figure 11.16. The Date Time Options dialog box allows you to set defaults for calendar components of GroupWise, such as your work schedule.


The Calendar options, shown in Figure 11.16, are as follows:

  • Month Display Option First of Week enables you to specify which day you want to display as the first day of the week in your Month Calendar view. Highlight Day visually distinguishes the selected days (such as weekends) on the Month Calendar view for quick viewing of the weekdays, for example. Show Week Number displays the number of the week on the left side of the Month Calendar view.

  • Appointment Options Include Myself on New Appointments automatically adds your name as a recipient of any new meeting you create. Display Appointment Length (Duration) displays the length of time the meeting will take in hours and minutes. Display Appointment Length (End Date and Time) displays the date and time of the meeting. Default Appointment Length specifies the default duration of the appointment messages you send.

  • Work Schedule (Time Zone) Start Time specifies the normal time your workday starts. End Time specifies the time your workday normally ends. The Work Days section specifies your scheduled workdays.


The Work Schedule option displays a different setting when people use Busy Search to invite you to meetings. It also highlights the workdays and times in the Week Calendar view.

  • Line, Color Options These settings let you customize the appearance of appointments, reminder notes, and tasks in your calendar with lines and colors.

  • Alarm Options You use these options to configure whether alarms are set on appointments and all-day events. You can also set the default alarm interval, which defines how many minutes before an appointment or all-day event you will receive an alarm in GroupWise Notify.

After you have configured the main calendar options, you can set up defaults for using Busy Search.

Busy Search

The Busy Search tab options, shown in Figure 11.17, are as follows:

  • Appointment Length Specifies the default length for appointments you create with the Busy Search feature

  • Range and Time to Search Enables you to specify the default number of days you want to search along with the default times that will be searched

  • Days to Search Enables you to choose the default days you want included in the Busy Search

Figure 11.17. The Busy Search tab allows you to configure the default options for the Busy Search feature.

The Busy Search defaults will be used each time you perform a Busy Search when scheduling appointments.


The Format tab options enable you to select your preferences for the display of dates and times. These options, shown in Figure 11.18, are as follows:

  • System Formats Enables you to set the default system time format as well as access the Windows Regional Settings dialog box

  • General GroupWise Format Enables you to specify a date and time display format that will be used as the default throughout the GroupWise screens

  • Specific GroupWise Formats Enables you to specify different formats for the GroupWise main window, properties, and file information

Figure 11.18. The Format tab allows you to establish the default date and time formats for use by GroupWise.

You set up the default behavior of GroupWise by using the option categories described in this section under Tools, Options.

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