Understanding Hit the Road

One of the easiest features of GroupWise is also probably the most useful feature for remote users. Hit the Road is a one-step way to update your remote mailbox before you leave the office.

The Hit the Road feature is used while you are connected to the network and directly accessing your master mailbox. As your final preparation for leaving the office, you use the Hit the Road feature to do a last-minute synchronization of your remote mailbox. This prevents a long connection during your first GroupWise remote connection after leaving the office.


If you use Hit the Road while connected to the network, a network connection is created automatically. You don't have to manually enter the network connection information discussed earlier.

The instructions in this section assume that you have already configured your system to use GroupWise in remote mode.

To use Hit the Road, follow these steps:


While logged in to GroupWise on the network, finish all messaging transactions (replies, new messages, and so on).


Choose Tools, Hit the Road.


When prompted, enter the password for your mailbox in the dialog box.


Select which items you want Hit the Road to update to your remote mailbox this time. You can configure the items each time you use Hit the Road.


If you want to customize your item choices, click the Advanced button and make the appropriate selections.


You can choose which address book you need to use by clicking the Filter button next to the System Address Book item. Select any of the items in the list to limit your address book as you like.


If GroupWise document management is set up on your system, you can also select the documents you need by clicking the box next to Documents. You can then select the documents you need by clicking the Documents button and making your selections.


Click Finish. This action initiates a network connection to your post office, and the items you selected are downloaded into your remote mailbox.

You are now ready to "hit the road."


You will see two or three extra windows open and close automatically while the synchronization takes place. If you want more information about what is happening, click the Show Log button of the Network Connection dialog box.


There is no "Hit the Road" option when you are running in cache mode. The reason is that, by nature of running in cache mode, you should always be within five minutes of having your cache mailbox in sync with your online mailbox. You can simply undock or disconnect your computer, and you are ready to "hit the road" for lack of a better expression.

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Novell GroupWise 7 Users Handbook
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