Checking In Documents

After you have finished modifying a document that you have checked out from a library, you must check the document back in so that your changes are reflected in the library. Checking in a document also unlocks the document so other users can modify it.


You can check in multiple documents at once by holding Ctrl and clicking multiple documents in the Documents to Be Checked In dialog box.

Here's how to check in a document:


Highlight the document reference in your mailbox.


Click Actions and then Check-In (or right-click and select Check-In). The dialog box shown in Figure 9.7 appears.

Figure 9.7. Use the Check-In dialog box to place an updated document back into the library.


Choose the check-in method.

You have four options for checking in documents, as shown in Table 9.2. When you check in a document, you also have three options that relate to document versions, as shown in Table 9.3.

Table 9.2. Check-in Method Options



Check In and Move

Moves the document to the library and deletes t from the check-out location

Check In and Copy

Copies the document to the library and leaves a copy in the check-out location

Check In Only

Checks the document back in to the library but does not update the document in the library with any changes you made to the checked-out version

Update Without Checking In

Updates the document in the library with the changes you have made but does not unlock the document

Table 9.3. Check-in Version Options



Checked-out Version

Keeps the same document version as the version you checked out

New Version

Lets you specify a new document version

New Document

Lets you create an entirely new document in the library and specify new document properties

Remember that if you are updating documents and are connected to the GroupWise system, you do not have to go through the check-out, check-in process. When you open a document in the library, it is marked as In Use until you close the document. Other users cannot open and modify the document while you have it open. You need to check out a document only when you will be working on it while not connected to GroupWise.

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