This chapter introduced the notion of network mobility using an IOS Cisco mobile router. It looked at the basic mobile router functionality, including static and dynamic mobile networks. Roaming interface features were discussed, as well as agent selection and routing to/from the mobile router and its mobile networks. The chapter also considered enhancements to the Home Agent and FA to support network mobility. Furthermore, the chapter discussed some advanced features that optimize the behavior in network mobility, including local routing to the mobile networks and mobile router redundancy. Throughout, the chapter gave insights into the practical issues that can arise in deployment.

Thus far, the book has discussed IOS Mobile IP features in the context of specific deployment scenarios and applications, that is, campus mobility, metro mobility, and network mobility. In the next chapter, we look at some of the features that are separate from a mobility scenario and present alternate deployment options. We look at the impacts of Home Address management and scalability in a Mobile IP deployment and discuss common troubleshooting techniques.

    Mobile IP Technology and Applications
    Mobile IP Technology and Applications
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    Year: 2005
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