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Mobile IP Technology and Applications
By Stefan Raab, Madhavi W. Chandra, Kent Leung, Fred Baker
Publisher: Cisco Press
Pub Date: May 11, 2005
Print ISBN: 158705132X
Pages: 312

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   About the Authors
   About the Contributing Author
   About the Technical Reviewers
   This Book Is Safari Enabled
   Icons Used in This Book
   Command Syntax Conventions
      Who Should Read This Book
      Goals and Methods
      How This Book Is Organized
   Chapter 1.  Mobile and Wireless Technologies
      Wireless Technology
      Challenges of Communications Mobility
      Full Mobility and the OSI Protocol Stack
      The Case for Mobile IP
      Review Questions
   Chapter 2.  Understanding Mobile IP
      Mobile IP: The Elevator Pitch
      Mobile IP: Components
      Mobile IP Protocol Concepts
      Mobile IP Agent Discovery
      Mobile IP Handover
      Mobile IP Registration
      Review Questions
   Chapter 3.  Mobile IP Security
      Protocol Authentication Extensions
      Dynamic Keying
      Review Questions
   Chapter 4.  IOS Mobile IP in the Lab
      Building the Baseline Topology
      Operation and Evaluation/Troubleshooting
      Examining the Routing Table
      Alternative Topologies
      Review Questions
   Chapter 5.  Campus Mobility: Client-Based Mobile IP
      Campus Mobility Model
      Storing Security Associations in AAA
      Cisco Zero Configuration Client
      Home Agent Redundancy
      Review Questions
   Chapter 6.  Metro Mobility: Client-Based Mobile IP
      Metro Mobility Model
      Reverse Tunneling
      Tunnel Path MTU
      Impact of Network Address Translation
      VPN Integration
      Resource Revocation
      Registration Revocation Configuration
      Bringing It All Together Through an Example
      Review Questions
   Chapter 7.  Metro Mobility: Cisco Mobile Networks
      Mobile Router
      Home Agent Enhancements
      Foreign Agent Details
      Mobile Router Redundancy
      Asymmetric Links
      Colocated Care-of Address Support
      Quality of Service
      IPSec and the Mobile Router
      Review Questions
   Chapter 8.  Deployment Scalability and Management
      Management of the Mobile Nodes Home Address
      Scaling Issues
      Network Management
      Common Troubleshooting Issues
      Review Questions
   Chapter 9.  A Look Ahead
      Mobile IP and Public Access Networks
      Cisco SWAN and Mobile IP
      AAA-Based Dynamic Key Generation
      Mobile IPv6
      Review Questions
      Endnote  Endnotes
   Appendix A.  Answers to Review Questions
      Chapter 1
      Chapter 2
      Chapter 3
      Chapter 4
      Chapter 5
      Chapter 6
      Chapter 7
      Chapter 8
      Chapter 9
   Appendix B.  IOS Mobile IP: Supported SNMP MIBs

Mobile IP Technology and Applications
Mobile IP Technology and Applications
ISBN: 158705132X
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 124

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