Level 3Business Process Validation

Business process validation is similar to server configuration validation with one exception. Now that the configuration has been validated for functionality, it can be validated for the business process it is intended to support.

This validation involves setting up representative test project and resource data to verify the business process flow using the toolset.

User Role Configuration

Configure the test users created previously to represent specific roles in the business process. Examples of this would be project managers for a particular set of projects or resource managers defined for specific resource pools. Configure each test user with the appropriate outline code assignments, such as RBS, location, or other codes defined for the configuration. The RBS is used extensively during this validation. A resource pool of test resources (including the roles being validated) needs to be configured as well. Finally, prepare representative project data to import into the database for all the test case scenarios.

Validate Business Process Test Scenarios

Run the test scenarios for each role. These scenarios should follow the basic process flow and life cycle of activities the user role will perform during those processes. Examples of test scenarios include project initiationall roles, project planningall roles, project execution and trackingall roles, change controlall roles, and project closureall roles.

Database Cleanup

Clean up the database of all test scenario data after validation is complete, as shown in Figures 12.21 and 12.22. Be careful to remove data in the following order to avoid leaving orphaned data records in the database:


Project data with accompanying Windows SharePoint Site


Resource data







Figure 12.21. Select both the Projects and To-Do Lists radio button and the associated SharePoint site option when deleting test projects.

Figure 12.22. Test Resource should be deleted prior to entering real resources into the resource pool.

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