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When I wrote the first edition of this book 13 years ago, I learned just how inadequate the Acknowledgements page of a book really is. Even though I was the sole author, the familiar phrases "couldn't have done it without " and " made it all possible" took on a deeply personal meaning. I must acknowledge that publishing a book is entirely a team project, and the author is just one of many links in the chain that stretches from supportive families through the publishing house to the bookstores and the readers who provide their valuable feedback.

Nowadays, it takes a team of writers to explore the depth and breadth of a new version of a complex software product such as Microsoft Project and to capture that understanding in revised or new chapters, all in time to get to press as the software is released. A number of consultants and writers contributed their expertise and insight to this revision. I encourage you to read about each of them in the section "About the Authors" in the preceding pages, as well as "About the Technical Editor." I'm sure you will be hearing more good things about these capable folks in the future. My thanks to each of them for their hard work.

I also want to thank Stephanie McComb at Que, who as acquisitions editor was responsible for corralling all of us unruly writers and trying to keep us on course. Mark Cierzniak , as development editor, was responsible for seeing that the content met Que's high standards. I would also like to thank Ben Berg for his diligent copy editing of this book, and Tonya Simpson , and all the other Que folks who made this book actually happen.

Our technical editor for this book is Brian Kennemer . He examined closely and tested every list of instructional steps, every screen capture, and every other assertion, to be sure that what is presented as fact is, in fact, fact. You owe him a debt of gratitude, for he rescued the truth more often than I, for one, would prefer to admit.

Finally, my special thanks go to Adrian Jenkins at Microsoft, who served as the Microsoft Project beta coordinator . Adrian researched questions and provided answers to a wide range of questions about this new release for all of us. Congratulations to Adrian and the project team at Microsoft for a job very well done.

Tim Pyron

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Special Edition Using Microsoft Office Project 2003
Special Edition Using Microsoft Office Project 2003
ISBN: 0789730723
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 283
Authors: Tim Pyron

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