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Almost anyone in the workplace can make good use of Microsoft Project at one time or another, but for project managers in particular, it's a life-support system. Microsoft Project is adaptable to both large and small projects. Managers of large, decade -long projects rely heavily on project management software to keep track of all the interrelated tasks and phases of projects.

This book provides direct answers about how to put a project schedule together by using Microsoft Project 2003. It's organized to follow the project cycle of initializing and developing a plan, implementing the plan, tracking progress and adjusting to changes and unforeseen events, and preparing the final reports . You'll find step-by-step procedures for using Project's features, plus you'll get help with common problems (such as avoiding unintended constraints on tasks, adjusting task duration when resources are added, maintaining resource information among multiple projects, and many more). Special Edition Using books from Que offer comprehensive coverage of software. You can be sure you will find what you need in this book to make Project work for you.

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Special Edition Using Microsoft Office Project 2003
Special Edition Using Microsoft Office Project 2003
ISBN: 0789730723
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 283
Authors: Tim Pyron

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