To help you differentiate between different types of information presented in this book, we've used different text styles and layout:

  • Important words and new terminology appear as italic words.

  • Text written onscreen by the computer looks as follows :

     I'm your trusted computer 
  • Text written onscreen and typed by you looks as follows:

      Hello computer, are you there?  
  • While writing text onscreen, special keys pressed by you, such as the Enter key, are symbolized by <enter> .

  • Code shown as part of code examples has the following appearance:

     Private Sub MySub() 
  • The line continuation symbol in Visual Basic .NET is the underscore character. In those cases where a program line is too long, you'll see an underscore at the end of the line. The remainder of the line will be indented further than normal code conventions use, thus making it easier to spot these longer lines.

When you must navigate a menu sequence, you'll see the sequence of selections you should make. For example, to start Visual Studio .NET, you would select Start, Programs, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.

Finally, interspersed throughout the text are programming tips that provide additional details about a topic related to the text under discussion. These programming tips are displayed using the following style:

Programmer's Tip


A programmer's tip provides additional details about the topic at hand. It might discuss common programming mistakes, performance tips, or other useful techniques.

Visual Basic .NET. Primer Plus
Visual Basic .NET Primer Plus
ISBN: 0672324857
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 238
Authors: Jack Purdum

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