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In this chapter, you started off by learning everything that had to do with random number generation, including you learned how to scale them to a specific range of possibilities. You also learned about methods that rounded the numbers for you. You also met the floor method that can round numeric values down to the nearest integer for you when needed.

After you mastered the random number thing, you learned how to duplicate Movie Clips from an instance that is already on the stage. You even learned how to duplicate the code that's inside the Movie Clips using this method. You took advantage of the fact that code also gets copied when you duplicate an instance and you examined a demo that used the embedded code to give each of the duplicated clips their own personalities.

When duplicating clips, you learned all about their internal depth and layer structure. You also learned how to assign unique instance names to them on-the-fly .

As the chapter progressed, you learned how to set up linkage properties and create even more complex dynamic Movie Clip instances from the library window.

As icing on the cake, you got to see the infamous arrays in action. They really didn't show off all their powers that you learned how to use in the last chapter but they were valuable .

As the grand finale, I showed you that it's not in how complex or long the code is, but in how creative you are and how far you are willing to go. You saw how you can take a regular snowy day and convert it to a blizzard. Not too bad, eh?

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Game Development with ActionScript
Game Development with ActionScript
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