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Much of the stuff in this chapter cannot be mastered in one day. Notice how I use the stuff in this chapter in the demos to come.

Let's review what you picked up in this chapter. To start off, you learned all about arrays. You learned how to create them as well as to reference them. You also won't be fooled by them because you very well know that the first element in an array is index 0. You also learned how to initialize an array two different ways. You even went to another dimension you explored multi-dimensional arrays. To finish that section, you learned about some useful properties and methods of the Array class.

In the second section, you learned all about objects. This is the very core of ActionScript. You learned how to create objects and even how to create your own classes. And you learned how to create your own class constructor that you can use to initialize your own class with tons of properties and methods.

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Game Development with ActionScript
Game Development with ActionScript
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