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You're one chapter away from finishing Part I of this book. You have learned a great deal so far. You learned how to program buttons and even how to detect when the user presses and releases the button. You also learned about and now understand Movie Clip scope. You understand the complex hierarchy that makes MCs tick.

You also started to handle bigger projects. You can open them up with more confidence and know how to locate scripts with ease. You learned how to move Movie Clips from within a scripthow exciting was that?

From the built-in Movie Clip methods , you learned how to use the onClipEvent(load) and the onClipEvent(enterFrame) handlers. These handlers helped you modify properties like scale, rotation, and alpha throughout each frame of your movie.

You also went on to more advanced topicsyou learned how to create your own commands. You even now understand how to pass on local variables and how to set up their definitions. As a classy touch, you learned how to access the special onLoad and onEnterFrame methods built-in to the main Timeline.

While examining the new commands within the demos in this chapter, you also learned how to label and call upon a frame and play (or pause) the movie from there. Of course, you will put all this knowledge together in the end and make your own creations.

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Game Development with ActionScript
Game Development with ActionScript
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