The Setup

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One of the first things I did to my FLA project was create scenes. This was my first step towards the organization of the game. See Figure 17.4 and check out all the scenes I created in this project.

Figure 17.4. Scenes set up for Matridia II


The Splash scene is simply the screen that introduces the game and leads the player to either modify options or to play the game. The Game scene is where all the code is stored. There are three layers here that simply carry the code, a dynamic textbox, and an empty Movie Clip with more codeI'll go over this later.

The GameOver and Congrats scenes are very simple scenes that alert the player to some sort of resolution within the game; if he wins or loses, the program will play the respective scene.

If you take a look into the Library window, you will notice that there are many linked symbols. These symbols are used to create the instances you see within the game. All these symbols were drawn as Movie Clips and they therefore contain properties that can be managed from within ActionScript.

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Game Development with ActionScript
Game Development with ActionScript
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