Chapter 3.5. GDI: The .NET Graphics Interface

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Chapter 3.5. GDI+: The .NET Graphics Interface


  • The Basic Principles of GDI+

  • The Graphics Object

  • Graphics Coordinates

  • Drawing Lines and Simple Shapes

  • Using Gradient Pens and Brushes

  • Textured Pens and Brushes

  • Tidying up Your Lines with Endcaps

  • Curves and Paths

  • The GraphicsPath Object

  • Clipping with Paths and Regions

  • Transformations

  • Alpha Blending

  • Alpha Blending of Images

  • Other Color Space Manipulations

In this chapter, we'll look at the Graphical Device Interface (GDI) used by Windows Forms to create graphics. Notice the name is GDI+ not GDI.NET. This is because GDI+ is not solely a .NET Framework API. It can also be used by unmanaged code. For the purposes of this chapter however, we'll use it exclusively from Windows Forms.

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