Applying the Extract Effect

The next step in the transformation process for this clip from a normal, everyday video clip to simulated pencil sketch is to eliminate the color properties. This is done by applying the Extract effect, another one of Premiere Elements' built-in effects. By eliminating (extracting) the color from the clip, you are left with only the sharpened outlines of the images in the clip.

Extract the Colors

Switch to the Effects and Transitions view on the Media panel, if it's not already visible, by clicking the Effects and Transitions button.

Type extract in the text box on the Effects and Transitions view of the Media view.

Select the Extract effect from the Adjust subfolder of the Video Effects folder and drag and drop it onto the pencil_house.avi clip on the Video 1 track on the Timeline.

On the Properties panel for the pencil_house.avi clip, click the triangle next to the Extract effect to reveal the effect's controls.

Select the Setup button for the Extract effect.

On the Extract Settings dialog box, click the Invert check box.

Click OK to apply the change and close the Extract Settings dialog box.

Adjust the Extract Effect Settings

Back on the Properties panel, make the following changes to the Extract effect's controls:

  • Black Input Level: 0

  • White Input Level: 40

  • Softness: 0

Did You Know?

You can customize your drawings with color. After you've finished creating your "drawing," and have placed it on paper (which is the final step of this project), you can make the drawing appear to be on any color paper you want. Just apply the Tint video effect from the Effects and Transitions panel to the pencil_house.avi clip, and tint the picture to any color. Lighter colors work best. A tan color will make the drawing look like it was created on an artist's sketch pad.

Before Invert has been applied.

After Invert has been applied.

After the Extract effect has been adjusted.

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Hollywood Special Effects with Adobe Premiere Elements 3
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