The Purpose of Your Rsum

The Purpose of Your Résumé

Résumés primarily serve as your ambassador to the professional world. An ambassador, in the political sense of the word, travels to a foreign country on behalf of his country of origin. Through his understanding of the cultural and political environment in which he is visiting, it is hoped that he will be able to create a positive image for his home country. The hope is that through this representation, his home country will be taken seriously and be worthy of consideration for trade, friendship, and alliances.

Your résumé serves a similar role. By accurately and positively representing your skills to the professional world, you hope that your résumé creates a positive image on your behalf. Countries use ambassadors because of the sheer number of countries to visit. One leader cannot do it all. Your résumé serves the same purpose. It should represent you in as many places as possible.

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    The IT Career Builders Toolkit
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