Be Ready and Willing to Take on the Necessary Responsibility

Your willingness to take on responsibility can go a long way toward making you indispensable. In general, management and business owners want individuals who make their jobs easier and more productive.

Your willingness to take on responsibility for projects and people is a critical factor in career success. This is a key career ownership attitude. Wherever and whenever possible, you need to find projects that you can be responsible for.

As stated in Chapter 19, "The Move to Management," the risk is that you must take responsibility for the failure of a project. However, I view this as less risky than taking no responsibility at all.

If you work within an organization that doesn't provide opportunities for project ownership, I recommend making a move. Your career will always be limited in such companies. To make moves into management or other higher paying roles, you need to be able to take responsibility for and push the success of many projects.

    The IT Career Builder's Toolkit
    The IT Career Builders Toolkit
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