Chapter 15. Salary Negotiations and Employment Agreements

Getting What You Want

As stated elsewhere, employment is an agreement between two parties. Ideally, this agreement should involve trading two commodities of equal valuethe employer's money and resources for the employee's time and effort.

Many employees feel they are not in the position to negotiate, but as the saying goes, "Everything is negotiable." As your career progresses and your ability to make an impact increases, you will be in a position to negotiate better employment deals.

This chapter covers some of the basic elements of such negotiation.

Well, it has happened. A company is preparing to offer a position. You developed and utilized various elements of your toolkit to get to this point. Your résumé and cover letter were brilliant, your interviews were scintillating, and your follow-up and professional networking were perfect!

Now the employer is starting to press the envelope. The company has expressed interest, and it is time to start negotiating your compensation program. Wait!

Salary negotiations, employment agreements, and performance contracts are critical elements to your overall career success. They can help lay the groundwork for future growth within a company.

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