Chapter 21. Accessing Databases


Recipe  21.1.   Accessing a Database from a Servlet Without DataSource

Recipe  21.2.   Configuring a DataSource in Tomcat

Recipe  21.3.   Using a DataSource in a Servlet with Tomcat

Recipe  21.4.   Creating a DataSource on WebLogic

Recipe  21.5.   Using a JNDI Lookup to get a DataSource from WebLogic

Recipe  21.6.   Using a DataSource from WebLogic in a JSP

Recipe  21.7.   Calling a Stored Procedure from a Servlet

Recipe  21.8.   Calling a Stored Procedure from a JSP

Recipe  21.9.   Converting a ResultSet to a Result Object

Recipe  21.10.   Executing Several SQL Statements Within a Single Transaction

Recipe  21.11.   Using Transactions with JSPs

Recipe  21.12.   Finding Information about a ResultSet

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