18.8. Test Your Understanding

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Which base class must the Web Service class inherit from for the Web Service to use the ASP.NET Session and Application objects?


What is the difference between a WebService attribute and a WebService directive?


How can we create a Web Service that exposes two methods having the same name?


Which SoapHttpClientProtocol member is used to make a synchronous call to a Web method? An asynchronous call?


You are using a Web Service that has heavy traffic or is subject to downtime. How can you ensure that your client program waits no longer than 10 seconds for a request?


Which WSDL element contains the URL of the target Web Service?

  1.  <Definitions> 

  2.  <Message> 

  3.  <Service> 

  4.  <Binding> 


Which attribute must be applied to a Web method for the method to access a SOAP header?


What three ways can a proxy be used to make asynchronous calls to a Web Service?

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