12.4. Test Your Understanding

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Indicate whether the following are true or false:

  1. A TextBox supports complex binding.

  2. The width of a control can be bound to a data source.

  3. All controls support simple binding.

  4. A data source can only be bound to one control at a time.

  5. A data source may have multiple binding managers.

  6. Changes made to the value of a control are always propagated to the data source.

  7. Controls can be bound to custom data objects.

  8. The PropertyManager class inherits from the CurrencyManager class.

  9. Only public properties may be bound to a control.


What is the difference between simple and complex binding? One-way and two-way binding?


Describe how to allow a custom data source to support two-way binding.


Which property and enumeration cause the entire row in a DataGridView to be highlighted when a single cell in the row is selected?


Which of these cannot be included in a DataGridView cell?

  1.  TextBox 

  2.  ListBox 

  3.  Button 

  4.  ComboBox 


How do you ensure that a column in a DataGridView is always displayed on the screen?

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